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    Redwood Investments is a Newton, Massachusetts-based, institutional investment manager that manages approximately $2.3 billion (as of 3/31/2018) on behalf of numerous institutional and high net worth investors. Founded in 2004 by Jennifer Silver and Mike Mufson, Redwood has 14 employees, including 6 investment professionals. Redwood is the sub-advisor to the Marmont Redwood International Equity Fund.

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    The Marmont Redwood International Equity Fund invests in the international developed markets, including the U.K., the Far East, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe and Australia.


    Redwood Investments utilizes a fundamental approach to investing by looking to invest in high quality businesses with attractive valuations. Redwood utilizes proprietary quantitative tools to both narrow down the broad universe to an attractive subset of companies in which to begin research and once invested, to manage risk in the overall portfolio.

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Our Purpose

Marmont Partners was created to source and find unique and differentiated investment management firms to act as sub-advisors to the Marmont Funds. We are very pleased to have Redwood Investments, a Newton, Massachusetts-based institutional investment manager, as the sub-adviser to the Marmont Redwood International Equity Fund.

How To Invest

You may purchase the Fund directly through the Fund Family by completing the appropriate application, which may be found here.

For questions regarding investing, please contact Shareholder Services at 833-627-6668.

Daily Price Change

As of 5/18/2018

Fund Ticker Price Change
» Institutional MRILX $10.22 -$0.01



Redwood Investments International Equities team is comprised of our two portfolio managers who have over 40 years of combined investment expertise. The group is aligned behind the philosophy and process, and makes decisions as a team.


Redwood Investments has a universal investment philosophy across all products: they believe that stocks are largely priced as a multiple of consensus earnings estimates, and that these estimates are typically flawed due to human nature and market structure. Further, these inefficiencies can be exploited by diligent investors to clients’ advantage. The inefficiencies may be more pronounced in non-US markets.


At its core, Redwood is a qualitative investment firm focused on fundamental analysis. Critical to the approach, however, is a proprietary quantitative model that serves as a first step in their investment process. The model narrows the broad universe of companies and allows the analysts to prioritize their qualitative research. The model is also used to provide objective feedback on individual stocks, and to continuously manage risk and exposures in the overall portfolio.

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